HereTcl Sandbox - play around

by Colin McCormack

HereTcl is a modern HTTP1.1 web server which is completely scripted and scriptable in Tcl.

HereTcl architecture is clean and elegant, and lends itself to support of Web Applications.

Here is the complete file system in which this instance of HereTcl is running, right now Fri May 07 11:12:31 EDT 2021

Here is the same file system with asynchronous file copy - I don't think the difference is hugely significant.

This file is the code running this program, right now. It has some necessary complexities.

This file is a much more minimal example of an HereTcl-served site.

This link shows you the default error you get if there's something wrong.

This link shows you the default error you get if there's no matching file in a file domain.

This link is a simple test of WebSocket support.

This link is a redirection test.

Here's some internal debugging

Here are the fossil repositories containing this instance.

Get it, mod it, play around some more.

  1. Make a nice clean directory
  2. In that directory, execute: fossil clone H.fossil
  3. Execute: fossil open H.fossil
  4. Then execute: tclsh8.6 Sandbox.tcl